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Nexavix delivers Hitachi Solutions for SAP that are business-led and service-oriented.

Get Faster, Real-time Analytics.

Nexavix knowledge and experience will help you exploit in-memory computing capabilities offered by HDS and SAP. SAP HANA enables you to rapidly analyze greater volumes of data and accelerate access to the right information. It also enables you to break through the boundaries of traditional data warehousing reporting solutions, speed user access to real-time information from across the organization’s information ecosystem, and explore that information with greater flexibility—all while accelerating time to value.
Our years of experience implementing SAP HANA paired with our years of experience in HDS server and storage technologies help you integrate SAP HANA into your existing applications environment. We help you install, configure, and troubleshoot all necessary software to prepare you for the SAP HANA solution build. We deliver this solution using our own toolset and methodology.

Server Optimization.

Nexavix standardizes and consolidates servers into highly efficient pools of virtualized computing resources that can be partitioned and assembled to maximize utilization. It is not uncommon for Nexavix to virtualize more than 80 percent, standardize up to 95 percent and consolidate up to 50 percent of an organization's existing servers. By taking advantage of Nexavix' server optimization services, clients typically can achieve a 30 to 50 percent reduction in total cost of server ownership, increase their servers’ reliability and availability, and reduce capital expenditures. As just one example, Nexavix helped one of large an international organization virtualize its server environment. This effort resulted in a 90 percent reduction in the number of servers, a 45 percent reduction in direct costs related to hardware and management, a 40 percent reduction in data storage and backup costs, and a significant reduction in power consumption.

Storage Transformation.

Clients often want to transition to networked storage and, in the process, eliminate duplicate storage environments. Nexavix not only standardizes and consolidates storage into pools of virtualized capacity, but also deploys capabilities that allow clients to manage the information lifecycle across storage devices. As a result, clients improve their storage utilization, investment returns and the availability of the enterprise data that underpins their businesses. Large organizations can save tens of millions of dollars during the first year of the transition and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership by 30 to 55 percent.

SAP Database Optimization.

An optimized database SAP environment helps ensure that the information used to power the business is accessible, available, and easily and quickly retrievable. Nexavix not only standardizes clients’ database landscape, but also configures databases for optimal performance and reliability. These services help clients improve their overall IT productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership associated with database technologies, drive more value from their information assets, and improve performance of mission critical database systems.

Managed Services.

To drive even greater efficiencies and cost savings from their data center environments, many organizations turn to outsourcing. Nexavix has proven track record of success in data center outsourcing, with a field tested delivery model, a network of highly skilled professionals, and an unmatched ability to provide either integrated capacity-based services or fully managed data center hosting services. Our delivery centers use standard tools and processes for a consistent approach around the clock. Additionally, we offer SAP cloud enterprise services which automate and integrate server and storage services from both in-house and cloud providers. In delivering these outsourced and cloud solutions, we provide a secure and stable environment for SAP application development and production hosting, storage services, database management and application maintenance services.


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