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Improve sales results and operational efficiencies with better management software

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A fully integrated business management solution which boasts functionality across all departments and office locations. Because it works from one central database, this software really can give you a complete picture of your business whenever you want it.

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Addressing SAP Management & Security from the Ground Up.

AUTOMATED & INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT for SAPAutonomous solutions to manage and secure SAP private cloud

ECM 200

Enterprise Cloud Manager for SAP HANA ECM 200 includes the hardware and software needed to continuous monitoring, analytics, adaptation and mitigation of your entire SAP cloud resources. Real-time SAP security monitoring and enterprise threat detection, prevention, response in a single solution.

ECS 500

Enterprise Cloud Security for SAP HANAUnlike current solutions in SAP security that focus on prevention only, the ECS 500 includes the hardware and software needed to prevention, detection and response capability. You can enforce policies and detect if someone is breaching them.


ECM 700

Security & Event Management for SAP HANASecurity solutions and event management system that provide the essential security and management features as well as supporting compliance audit with mandatory regulation (e.g, HIPPA Compliance).


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